About me

My journey in photography and videography

Years ago, I started walking around with a camera in my hand. My beginnings trace back to my childhood. Even as a child, the glass of a lens caught my attention.

My parents bought a video camera to record our family moments, and I always wanted to have it in my hand. There was something about capturing on tape what was happening around me that attracted me.

So much so that when I turned 10, I received my first camera as a gift, a red compact film camera. One of those where you had to tap it with your finger to load the film and take another picture. I can’t even count how many rolls of film I wasted…

As I got a bit older, I inherited a BRAUN film SLR camera, which I still have. It was my first encounter with the world of photography and showed me the possibilities that lay in using a camera. 

In school, when I was in 5th grade (quite a few years ago), they opened spots for a photography workshop, and I eagerly signed up. Academics weren’t my forte, but activities outside of books were my entertainment, especially this one—black and white photography and developing.


Sesión de fotos Marbella y Estepona, Sesión fotos San Pedro Alcántara. Foto Modelo

I still keep the books from those classes where everything needed to know for developing with chemicals was explained. In those classes, I discovered that this was truly what I loved.

sesion de fotos profesional. Fotografo profesional San Pedro Alcántara Marbella, Estepona, Benahavís

While starting my professional life, I continued taking photos on a personal level. With my first savings, I bought another camera, a Canon EOS 300 (the digital era had not yet begun). With this camera, I continued gaining knowledge. I also developed an interest in video, creating my own montages by cutting and pasting tape, and recording the screen directly for editing and mixing music. Of course, it was not professional at all, rather a bit crude, but I liked it!

Digital cameras came along, and I bought a “big one,” the Fujifilm MX-500 with 1.2 megapixels (at least, it was for me back then).

With more age and the knowledge I was acquiring, I decided to buy my first digital SLR. Since I liked the previous Canon 300 I had, I bought the same version but in digital, the Canon EOS 300D. This marked the beginning of something more professional. I started doing my first photographic projects, tinkering with photography from a more artistic point of view.

Later on, I got the 1200, the 90D, and switched to mirrorless, the R6… all from Canon. With these, I also started recording professional videos, another one of my passions!

Currently, I do sessions of all kinds, both for video and photography. However, I DO NOT DO WEDDINGS. I have a lot of respect for my colleagues who specialize in weddings, but it’s not my thing. In my photos or videos, I always seek a more artistic point of view that I can’t find in the typical picture of two newlyweds kissing. I prefer sessions like modeling, product photography, corporate, etc… they give me more freedom to be myself in an image of something else.